Autumn family portraits.

This family booked a session recently for some outdoor portraits for Christmas.
We had originally planned for my favorite location: Milton Pumpkin Park with the covered bridge, but I found out the day before a wedding was scheduled there for the same time we had picked, so I quickly changed location and I suggested Valley Park thinking between the fields, the leaves on the walking trails, the pond and fences I should have plenty of places to shoot.

It was one of those cold, and dreary looking days when the sky looks looming but what a perfect day for portraits - the light was optimal!

Here's some of my favorites from the session:

Infant/Toddler special!!!

With my new background and clothing props in I thought I'd offer a great deal from now through end of March for our little clients! This would be perfect as a Valentine or Easter portrait!

Your session fee of $50 would include:
* A Victorian themed set complete with clothing for infants up to *24mos
* A folio package and a 8x10 composite print!

Additional prints and CDs are available at my regular prices.

Call or email for more information or to schedule a session!

A Senior Guy!

Looking back at my portfolio, the majority of seniors I've photographed have been female...I finally got another senior guy come do some portraits.
Some indoor studio shots and then we ventured outside to do some with the leaves changing.
Here's some of my favorites!

New backgrounds are in!!!

So excited to add a few items to my stock...6 new backgrounds to start with, see backgrounds and info below - will be available starting in January.  I'm also adding some rompers for baby shoots - will go perfectly with the Victorian Themed Dresser background. I'm looking into adding more holiday themed to do more Christmas shoots next year but more importantly a few more senior ones for usage starting this spring...stay tuned for more options and great deals!

Can't wait to try them out!

Cherry trees - perfect for your newborn portraits or as a spring background with toddlers/preschoolers.
The turquoise tufted background is fabulous with anything from baby through seniors and glamour shots!

Brick wall with door and window set - for those urban/grungy senior portraits. Would work spectacular with a brighter outfit!
Victorian dresser - I bought 2 different rompers to go with this as well as an antique mirror - anything from baby through child portraits, or even close ups of seniors for a little different texture/bg.

The flag BG thinking mainly for children and babies.
The pink tiles would be great for a pop of color with babies/toddlers or even seniors that need a little attitude.

Fall preschool portraits.

I have been INSANELY busy lately and gotten behind on my blog posts, for that I apologize but on a good note, means I'm staying busy and delivering great portraits. ;)

So about a month ago I had finished up my session at a local preschool again.  Absolutely love my sessions with the preschoolers - even though its all the same bg and no variety in poses, the personalities usually shine through loud and clear at this age.
Here's some of my favorites!